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Coaches Corner

Coach and Manager Registration

Please make sure each SCS coach and manager registers with our site via the link shown to the right of this message.  Registering will ensure that they recieve all appropriate league communications including Ice Schedule Updates!

Apply to Coach Next Season

If you would like to coach a SCSHA team next season, apply at any time!  Please download or print the form (to the right of this).

Once it is complete, please email it or drop it off as instructed on the form.

Drills, Practice Plans and Support Material

Click HERE for Drill Database

CEP Clinic Registration Information


Please click here to seach the USA Hockey database for CEP classes in your area.


Parent Meeting Agenda

Every coach knows that communication is key to a successful season. To set the tone for the season, start off with a productive parent meeting that follows an agenda that keeps everyone on track.

1. Coach introductions: Share your playing and coaching experience.
2. Parent introductions: Have both parents introduce themselves and name their player.
3. Coaching philosophy: Explain team rules, discipline, playing time, establishing player positions, setting lines, dryland and dress code for games. Clarify priorities such as schoolwork, other sports and activities.
4. Goals for the season: Discuss fitness, skill development, team play, sportsmanship, individual goals, wins/losses and post-season expectations.
5. Equipment and uniforms: Reminders and requirements regarding neckguards, mouthguards, team warm-ups, team bags, etc. Explain how jerseys are acquired, whether names are allowed on jerseys and how numbers are allocated.
6. Player responsibilities: Explain expectations regarding schoolwork/grades, diet, practice and game preparation, locker room/on-ice and bench conduct, and respect for coaches, officials, opponents and teammates.
7. Parent responsibilities: Help players arrive on time with all their equipment, notify the coach or manager of absence/illness, follow the 24-hour rule when discussing issues with coaches.
8. Logistics: Discuss dryland, practice and games schedules, phone and email lists, best forms of communication with coaches and team manager.
9. Tournaments: Talk about tournaments dates, locations and costs. If the association hosts a tournament, give plenty of notice to set aside time.
10. Volunteer needs: Recruit volunteers as necessary for team manager, treasurer, fundraiser, tournament coordinator, social coordinator, on ice/bench assistance, scorekeeping, game clock, penalty box attendant, water bottles and more. Many coaches prefer to allow team manager to fill remaining positions.
11. Q&A time: Ask parents for questions about general topics—questions with answer that other parents will benefit from hearing.

If the group of parents will benefit, you might also explain details about hockey equipment, game rules, rule changes from year to year, and the like. Set the tone with a positive, productive parent meeting and you will (hopefully) have a positive, productive season.

Editor’s Note: Thank you to Kelly Kordes Anton with the Grow the Game Initiative for this story.

Coaches Certification (CEP Cards) and Background Checks


Coaches are required to have:
1) USA Hockey CEP Cards on file with SCSHA indicating that they are current on training. (Click here for USA Hockey Information on CEP)
2) Completed Background Check from MAHA (Click here to complete form) every year.


***Please submit copies of your CEP Card and results of your background check ASAP prior to each year coaching.